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Виступ Посла С.Реви на урочистому прийнятті з нагоди 22-ї річниці Незалежності України

04 вересня 2013, 19:27

Speech by H.E.Mr. Sergii Reva, Ambassador of Ukraine at the reception on the occasion of 22nd Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine

4 September 2013, Mansion House, Dublin



Your excellencies,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you on the occasion of celebrating the 22nd Anniversary of the Independent Ukraine.

In 1991 Ukrainian people proved their choice of democratic and prosperous Ukraine, free from the Soviet legacy.

22 years are a relatively short period of time in historical sense. But in these two decades our country has passed a difficult way from totalitarian system, through “wild capitalism” and social confusion to freedom, democracy and open economy.

The main task of  Ukraine’s  policy of modernization is the development of modern market economy, democratic state, educated, free and self-governed civic society.

Stable exchange rate of national currency – hryvnia is a reliable guide for business and attractor of foreign investments.

Together with other European nations Ukraine is now creating Europe of the 21st century.

In its foreign policy Ukraine continues to act as an active and reliable partner.

The Chairmanship of the OSCE, which we took over from Ireland, shows Ukraine’s strong will and responsibility to secure stability and democracy in Europe. 

The 22nd Anniversary of Independence is also a milestone for our European aspirations. Ukraine and the EU are now at the final stage of concluding an ambitious document – Association Agreement.

A great deal of work has been already done – the document has been initialled and ready for signing at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius next November. 

A Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, which is an integral part of the Agreement, will shape Ukraine-EU economic relations for years to come, opening additional opportunities for Irish and other European companies in Ukraine.

Signing of the Association Agreement will be a logical step for my country since Ukrainians have always considered themselves as belonging to the European family.

Dear friends,

Today is an opportune time to reflect briefly on our bilateral relations with Ireland the 20th anniversary of which we marked last year.

Relations between Ukraine and Ireland have been developing in a constructive and pragmatic manner.

Political dialogue is rather active, our bilateral trade has dynamic development despite generally unfavourable economic environment. It’s worthy to say that trade turnover has more than doubled in last three years and has strong trend towards further growth. New impetus to this positive development has been be given by the Bilateral Convention on avoidance of double taxation signed last April in Kyiv.

We appreciate Ireland’s constant support of our European aspirations.


In conclusion, let me once again thank you for coming. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the Lord-Mayor of Dublin for making available these beautiful premises.

Thank you. Please enjoy your stay here.


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