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Address by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ireland Sergii Reva at the opening ceremony of the photograph Exhibition “Ukraine: Inspiring Dignity”
13 February 2015 17:42

Address by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ireland Sergii Reva at the opening ceremony of the photograph Exhibition “Ukraine: Inspiring Dignity”

Dublin, 12 February 2015


Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear Ukrainian compatriots,

It is a particular pleasure for me to welcome you today at the opening

ceremony of the photograph Exhibition “Ukraine: Inspiring Dignity”.

There is no strength without pain. There is no strength without suffering.

That’s a path many nations passed. Now it’s time for Ukraine to wake

up and pave its way through historic challenges to freedom and national


Freedom is a priceless gift always worth fighting for.

And that was the idea which lead thousand hundred Ukrainians to

Maidan a year ago.

Maidan became both a turning point and the most tragic event in the

history of independent Ukraine. 103 people were shot dead and more

than one thousand injured on the streets of Kyiv during the Revolution

of Dignity.

But nevertheless during that time we all witnessed a phenomenon, which

previously we could not even imagine: an unprecedented growth of

national consciousness, self-respect and dignity of the Ukrainian people.

People came to Maidan for different reasons. Nationalists and liberals,

football hooligans and gray-haired intellectuals who took an active part

in the revolutionary events saw different models of development of


However, they all fought for the rule of law, fair courts and police,

decent standards of living, real fight against corruption and European

future for their nation.

The renewal of Ukraine’s path towards European integration and the

signing and ratification of the EU Association Agreement became

positive consequences of Maidan.

As I mentioned in my presentation at the Conference currently 14 EU

countries, Ireland among them, had ratified the Association Agreement

with Ukraine.

We take this as yet another proof of real support to Ukraine’s European

aspirations and solidarity with the Ukrainian people in these difficult


Dear friends,

As Benjamin Franklin said, those who “... can give up essential liberty

to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Fighting for dignity and European values was the main driving force of


And this strength of ordinary people who proved that freedom is

stronger than fear which you can see in the eyes of those pictured at the

photos presented here.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Dublin City

University, to the members of the “Ukraine Connection Society” and all

Ukrainians who contributed to this exhibition. My special thanks go to

My Lithuanian collegue H.E.Ambassador Rasa Adomaitiene and all our

Lithuanian friends who made this event possible.

This is a real support and a gesture of solidarity with Ukrainians who

now, as a year ago, continue to fight for their right to live in and be a

part of a civilised, democratic and free Europe.

I am confident that along with the efforts by the states and governments,

the support of ordinary people is very important.

We in Ukraine feel this support which is growing every day.

We do believe that because of that one day we will have a peace in our

home and our children will feel no threat to their lives.

Thank you.


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